Tips for removing braided hair extensions without damaging or loss

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Tips for removing braided hair extensions without damaging or loss

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:20 pm

Tips on how to take down braid hair extensions devoid of damage or loss?

1. Carefully Wash
If you have dirty or kinky-curly hair, weave hair ,you ought to avoid washing or softening braids with any products that dries the strands, because coarse hair will probably loc together over time. To help keep each strand healthy and even separated from the others, you can look at oil-based products and waterless shampoos since they give the hair “slippage”.

You should rinse braids by using water and cleanse often the scalp with a cotton basketball or swab dipped in a astringent if you have oilier terme conseillé and finer or perfect hair, preventing hair stench, keeping the scalp healthy and even clean, stopping hair skin oils from gumming strands collectively, and helping control high-quality flyaways.

2 . Apply skin oils to hair before extracting braids
Before removing braids, you can try lightweight oils (like carrot, sunflower, hair weave ,Vitamin E, or perhaps coconut) because they can use lubrication the hair and help you put on the hair extensions out more readily.

3. Regularly Rotate
Would not leave braids in for long. Women with curlier Style 3c and Type 3 hair should be extra very careful because coarse hair will loc together quickly. Afterward, it is hard to separate all the strands and remove the extensions curly hair without cutting. Don’t dress yourself in the same braids for more than half a dozen weeks. 4 weeks is a harmless choice.

4. Brush frizzy hair
Use a natural-bristle brush to clean hair after removing virtually all braids, catching any staying strands of extension wild hair that you didn’t remove in your fingers. Finally, bundles of hair ,wash, ailment and style as you like!

5. Unravel the braids
Apply fingers to unravel any braid down to the take away and work out any snags you encounter. Resist the need to get impatient and try to yank the braids out from the leading although this process can be for an extended time.

6. Snip hair extensions for the ends only
Cut off the particular ends of your braids by using hair scissors or shears, MarchQueen . Try cutting away because the extension hair as you can just before snipping your natural extent to get the best results. Next, the particular scissors away. Once you may have started unbraiding your own hair, never cut out snarls or knots in the hair extensions, or it will probably only lead to trouble.


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