12 Tips to Highlight Hair Extensions At Home

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12 Tips to Highlight Hair Extensions At Home

Post by Admin on Fri May 04, 2018 1:59 am

1. Choose a semi-permanent hair colouring two or three shades lighter in comparison to the color your hair extensions at present are.

2 . Brush the head of hair with a soft-bristle brush. malaysian curly hair .Never wash the hair before colour.

3. Lay the hair about the small towel that you do not imagination staining. Then, smooth out the head of hair with your hands. Put on a couple plastic gloves.

4. Combine the hair color following the guidelines on the package.

5. Spray about a quarter-size amount as part of your hand, and then rub colour into the hair by possessing the top or the weft on the hair in your left hand and also coating the hair with the colouring using your right. deep wave weave .

6. Fill the hair completely with the coloring, and then lay it in the towel. Do not cover up.

7. Allow the color to formulate for the prescribed time. Often the developing time is usually amongst 20 and 40 a few minutes.

8. Rinse the hair coloring from the hair extensions in the destroy with cool or tepid to warm water. brazilian hair weave .Apply a deep restorative to the hair and allow the idea to soak for one min. After that, rinse it.

9. Allow hair to dry effortlessly after a quick rub which has a towel.

10. Put the hued highlights into your hair. March Queen Hair .

11. Position the hair around the facial area and throughout the top part of the hair.

12. Aerosol some leave-in conditioner for the highlights.


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