Beautiful human hair weave
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Post by hairweaving Thu Jul 05, 2018 2:35 am

Remy full lace wigs are produce of human hair. most popular Remy curly hair comes from India, and Parts of asia and brazilian. Indian Remy full lace human curly hair wigs can be styled to the majority textures patterns easily plus its soft and light, with a all-natural looking wave, curly surface. Brazilian Remy usually was produced from Brazil and is stronger, wider and silky and can be right or wavy and bleached. Asian Remy is dense, soft, heavy and very upright. Lace wigs are that come with your head using an adhesive. The very lace come with light dark, medium brown or black, and gives you a natural-looking hairline.

here is steps of how high temperature full lace human wigs:
1 . Wash your extensive lace wig. Since the hair brush is made from human hair, it happens to be okay to use regular shampoos and conditioners.

2 . Allow your full lace wig air-dry completely. It is best to let your hair comb air dry, but a hair dryer set to medium heat is definitely acceptable.

3. Color your individual full lace wig. To change the color of your hair comb, you can take it to a experienced to be colored or infants from home with traditional curly hair dye. but only all-natural color that have not been recently dyed full human shoelace wigs can be colored. usually you should remove the dye in the hair before changing your total lace wig color.

4. Cut the full lace hair brush. Your wig can be chop into any style, depending on the timeframe you have. You can do it your own self, or take it to a hair salon / spa for a professional cut.

5. Style your full r├ęcipient wig. Since Remy is normally human hair, you can use almost any hair appliances that you would probably use on your own hair. Remy hair can be set together with rollers. You can also use a being different iron or flat iron. Some other idea is to use a crimping iron on your full as well as wig.


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