What to do to prevent your hair from installing hair extentions

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What to do to prevent your hair from installing hair extentions

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:11 am

Provided that the hair extensions are placed properly and you take the caution of them there should be no destruction. .A lot of this depends on you actually. If you are a very restless individual you can damage your hair considering that the constant rubbing on a bed sheets can cause your hair to be served. weave hair .

It is best to sleep with your locks in a braid or horse tail to help this. You must be gentle with your hair. For anyone who is used to just ripping a new brush or comb because of your hair they may not be in your case. Using the correct brush can help and making sure your hair is definitely kept tangle free plus free flowing is very important. hair weave .Extension cables are not hard to take care of just be aware of them so you seldom catch them with a clean or your fingers.

Our primary recommendation is to run your current fingers between your bonds daily to keep your extensions separated.

-Brush once a day with a loop wash if your hair is heavy or a natural bristle remember to brush reinforced with nylon brush bristles for finer hair. human hair weave .For those times you have a brush and it seems like it is tearing your hair out and about it probably is.

-Don’t go to bed with wet curly hair.

-Wear a ponytail or maybe braid to bed.

-Hold your hair at the roots or maybe base when combing. marchqueen hair .This would keep tension off of the hair on your head.

-Dry your bonds just after washing and you can let the remainder air dry.


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