Seven Tips To to Get Rid of Static in Hair

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Seven Tips To to Get Rid of Static in Hair

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:44 am

Did you know how to deal with static hair?

1 . Anti-Static Dryer Sheets
Jump sheet things not only may make bed sheets smell amazing and also deal with static hair safely and effectively, bundles of hair .

2 . Hairspray or Leave-In Conditioner
It is recommended to carry some sort of travel size hairspray or something sort of leave-in serum. Therefore, you can use just a couple of sprays/drops to remove the static.

3. Treatment
You can use cream like entire body lotion, brazilian hair bundles ,face or hands cream to deal with static curly hair.

Squeeze just a pea measurements amount.
Rub in your arms.
Run through your hair.

Note: Will not use a lot of products as they can leave your hair fatty.

4. Water
You can use a few water to tame the main static. This is probably the most you can get method.

Use a little bit of normal water, queen hair bundles .
Braid your hair or at least personal identification number the front pieces away with a small bobby pins.

5. Real wood or a metal comb
It's endorsed to use a wooden or a sheet metal comb, as those are usually conductive. Thus, they can do away with static.

6. Humidify
While you can’t control the air humidity everywhere, hair weave styles ,you can turn on the exact humidifier which will improve the two air quality and life high-quality.

7. Clothing Material
It's commended to choose clothes made of silk cotton, wool, or silk to lessen the amount of static.


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