Difference Between U-Tip And I-Tip Hair Extensions

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Difference Between U-Tip And I-Tip Hair Extensions

Post by hairweaving on Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:49 am

U-tip hair extensions

U-tip hair extensions usually are hair extensions that are pre-tipped together with keratin and are applied to you by use of a scorching hair extension iron. This type of hair extensions is also called “Fusion. ”

When it comes to fusion Virgin Human Hair extensions, it is advisable to think about the heat application. Plus, how comfortable you are having heat on or nearby your hair?

You have to melt the particular keratin by using a heating product to install U-tipped fusion extension cords. You may have fragile or broken ombre weave hair that you’d choose to keep as far away right from heat as possible, although this tool only use a fraction with the heat created by normal being different and flat irons.

When intending hot fusion Human Hair Extensions color weave photos extension, a few you have clean product no cost hair without containing leave-in conditioners. And, given that, I favor I-tipped hair.

I-tip hair extensions

I-Tipped hair extensions are also often known as cold fusion. These extension cords are applied by using a putting in tool, either a hook or maybe loop, which pulls the very client’s hair through a tiny micro ring. The I-tip extension is then inserted to the micro ring which is next compressed with special huge pliers - this compression contains the extension in place.

Typically, I-tipped hair is cold-fused to the natural ombre march queen hair weave bundles. This process seems to have its benefits and drawbacks. Use a Micro-Ring process that involves pulling flowing hair through a small metal hook in the extension base to connect I-tipped hair extensions to your scalp. Women who are going through irradiation or chemotherapy should not , keep your face dry loop, made of copper or simply aluminum, for it can cut towards hair’s cuticles, causing deterioration. Micro Rings is not the ultimate way to go for women with “springier” hair types because pulling fluorescent or coarse cheap blonde human hair weave as a result of these rings can lead to tangling, snarling, and extremely tough eradication.


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