7 Best Protective hairstyles for natural hair

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7 Best Protective hairstyles for natural hair

Post by hairweaving on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:38 am

How long15411 daily would you like to spend on the hair on your head styling? I bet least but you definitely wouldn’t for instance going out with your hair sticking out using some sort of explosion on your go. Protective hairstyles aim to limitation the stress of environmental elements on natural hair. Preventative hairstyles are priceless per se, since besides a faultless elegant look, they keep nice hair ends tucked and protected via aggressive damaging factors. How might you boost the protective effect?

1 .Cornrows

Cornrows work for simple relaxed hair and healthy hair that needs to be extended and guarded Marchqueen hair. A quick trip to a beauty parlor will leave you feeling lovely and confident in days ahead.

2 . Classic Braids

Best trick in the book in terms of hairstyles. They’re not difficult to take care of and can last for over 15 days, depending on the amount of care you add into it.

3. Twisted Shielding Style
Shrinkage can be this kind of pain! Women with pure hair have to deal with shrinkage just after washing, which can make your remy human hair bundles look shorter than it actually is. To incorporate texture or flair, you need to your favourite curl skin cream and twist your hair available.

4. Crotchet Braids
Crotchet braids have also become favorable over the years because they are a more quickly alternative classic braids. Anytime crotchet braids unravel, they are beautifully curly and as extended as you keep them well hydrated and maintained. Plus, in cases where well kept, they can be used again multiple times.

5. Havana Changes
Using Havana Marchqueen hair extensions, such twists are created with only two strands (rather than some with cornrows and braids). If you want bigger and more voluminous twists, you apply no tension. If you want thinner changes, you pull them better.

6. Ghana Braids
Any African style of wearing your locks just as the name suggests, Bekwai, ghana braids are long-lasting braids, offering a way for you to currently have fabulous hair when time frame just isn’t on your side.

7. Lace Wigs
Lace wigs have also gained massive recognition this year for their simple although slaying style. You can good ole' 20 inches of brunette today and switch up to 12 inch azure tomorrow! Next time your boyfriend likes to ‘see other people’ reveal him other people.


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