My Secret Tricks to Revive Hair

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My Secret Tricks to Revive Hair

Post by hairweaving on Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:10 am

Chlorine bleach Bath Method

This is amongst the best-kept secrets of the curly hair industry, because it is probably the most convenient way to remove tangles and develop a silky texture to your interlace. The main two ingredients on the bleach bath are antibiotics and ammonia, which sometimes scare people, but the course of action is safe if it is done effectively. The bleach prevents the head of bundles cuticles from interlocking of which prevents tangling and the refrigerant neutralizes the bleach.

What you would Need: bleach, ammonia, h2o, shampoo, conditioner, comb, equipment, medium bowl, both sides in the sink (or two bowls)


1) Mix an individual gallon of hot water having ¼ cup of medical drugs on one side of the put

2) Place inside bleach-water mixture and you ought to hair while it is enveloped for 2-3 minutes

3) Take the hair out of the bleach-water

4) Mix water and even shampoo into a separate bowl

5) Comb hair while it can be submerged in the shampoo-water concoction for 2-3 minutes

6) Mix 1/4th cup involving ammonia with 3 amount of hot water

7) Dip (don’t comb) your hair in the ammonia-water mixture two times

Cool Produce another shampoo-water mixture inside of a clean bowl

9) Immerse and comb for the reason that shampoo-water mixture for 1-2 minutes

10) Remove equipment

11) Apply conditioner capably

12) Place conditioned scalp in a plastic bag

13) Microwave hair for thirty seconds, wait 5 minutes, microwave 18 more seconds


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