Difference Between Virgin Hair, Remy Hair And Non-remy Hair

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Difference Between Virgin Hair, Remy Hair And Non-remy Hair

Post by Admin on Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:29 am

A lot of people get confused about the two styles of hair extensions - Remy Locks and Virgin Hair. Truly, they have many differences which often affect the quality and associated with the hair.

What is Virgin head of hair?
First of all, it has a lot of specifications to become a virgin hair understanding that makes virgin hair one of the most precious hair among all the head of hair extensions. Any chemical approach like perm, dying, chemically straightening and bleaching ought not to be used while making the pure hair. sewing hair ,Meanwhile, a set of pure hair must come from an individual donor and all follow the exact direction with an intact cuticle which means it is completely purely natural, healthy and beautiful. For instance , our SIS Virgin Head of hair is made from 100% natural pure human hair without any substance treatment even natural deterioration. Our strict standards to obtain the original hair have associated a high value to our merchandise.

What is Remy hair?
Remy hair, however , is refined with chemical dying and even rearranged to make it run while in the same direction and more soft. But it still comes from pure human hair with a high-quality. With a more affordable price, remy hair is becoming the new direction of fashion.MarchQueen

What is Non-remy frizzy hair?
Another kind of hair extension, which is called non-remy hair, has undergone chemical type process as well and the mix of hair tips and ends. Whereas producing non-remy hair, good cheap hair ,it takes to be clipped to make a lesser amount of friction between hair strands and then it will look tangle free, smooth with more purely natural waves. It is less expensive yet not as good quality as maiden or remy hair.


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