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Post by hairweaving on Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:59 pm

Desire to every day in different hairstyles, only 100% human hair extensions evolved,, you can change hair style along with your mood, but install the head of hair weave requires skill, down below to see how to install short-hair weave when you have long head of hair, show you how to make a handsome!

1 . Open the hair world-wide-web with both hands, and wrapping the hair all over the top of the head.

minimal payments Pull the net to the hairline like hair;

3. Click the net to the lower force with the palm of the hands to show the flat design without the bump;

4. Fit your ears out of the online and hold them in place with the hairline in case the net tumbles off.

Tips for wearing short-hair extensions:

(1) Use the hands to hold the hairpiece while in the hairline, start from the your forehead and move backward, fine-tune and then use the hair master card fixed;

(2) Adjust the complete shape of your hair with a hair comb or finger tip after donning.

Tips for wearing long h?rforl?ngelse:

(1) Use the hand to hold the temples on both isn't stable of the hair, and then your hair forward and advance to adjust the position on the brow;

(2) Slightly backward plus downward adjustment, try to help make hair weave look healthy;

(3) Adjust the overall style of the hair with the comb along with fingertips after wearing.


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