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In most cases, we don’t need to shampoo our Brazilian Hair Packages frequently. https://www.marchqueen.com/.What we need to do is normally hand it on and spew water till it dried. If you wear hair everyday, you prefer to keep the hair clear, you should utilize the Hair Bundles conditioner plus soak in the water. Shower gently, finally, use free of moisture towel to make it dry.

Ways to clean and won't injure the Brazilian Hair? https://www.marchqueen.com/curly-weave-human-hair-4-bundles-color-weave-red-brown-blonde-hair.html. To completely clean the wig also makes sure a wig will not put up with damage, can according to the standard cleaning wig steps so that you can operation, how specific hair brush cleaning steps are:

just one: In special comb to be able to comb wig;

2: The very wig in soak around cold water for five-ten minutes. Time is too prolonged, hair is easy to fall asleep;

3: Washed by hand, still cannot use the washing machine:

4: Consider good quality shampoo, with the grip gently grasp the hair is definitely OK.https://www.marchqueen.com/.

5: use mineral water to wash, use Special hair comb hair conditioner

6: Which includes a dry towel (2, 3) to the water on the hair comb dry, don't be screwed manually , or in the washing machine to be dried

7: Don’t use head of hair dyer and exposure to sunlight.https://www.marchqueen.com/.

8: when wig locks dry to ninety per cent, with the hand gently get a handle on a hair, with a particular wig comb the hair brush comb.


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