Cut and Layer Hair Extensions Step by Step

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Cut and Layer Hair Extensions Step by Step

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:08 am

Are you aware of how to cut your own hair exts into layers?

Step 1. Put up Extensions

1 . Install metoden on your head. Never might depend on a wig head to duplicate the shape, size, or wants of your scalp. malaysian curly hair .
2 . Type the extensions to are in the final look.
3. Portion hair where you want the final section to be and so on.
Note: the aforementioned techniques also work for net sale weaves, sew-in and clip-in extensions, and fusion locks.

Step 2. Section Hair

Take new extensions into five ponytails:

1 . Two sideways at the front of the head as a little girl’s pigtails.
2. minimal payments Two at the back, deep wave weave ,stacked a person on top of the other.

Divide the spine portion into three piled ponytails if you have extra-thick or simply -long extensions.

If you want to comprehend the full length that you obtained on at least one point upon your head, you should leave the main bottom-back ponytail as is and they only cut the other three to four chapters of your hair.

You should slide scrunchy or elastic band down to simply just above the length you wish to slash, and then take off the dangerous ends by using a pair of super-sharp hair scissors, if you want to minimize a few inches off the top-back ponytails. brazilian hair weave .Do not take off over 3 to 4 inches at this point however the amount you need to cut vary. With too drastic some chop, your hair will look blocky instead of layered.

Step 3. Generate the Fringe

Use a razor you ought to to create a gradual fringe with regards to the face. Use a damp wide-toothed comb to comb head of hair of the front ponytail. Starting up at about eye stage, slide the razor hair comb down the length of the hair. Narrow out the hair with swift, sharp strokes. Create a tapered look that suits see your face. hair weave styles .Use your scissors to show out a section of tir if you like.

Simply number the particular tracks or clips which includes a paper tag or tagger to keep track of layered clip-on or maybe sewn-in extensions. Thus, web site find which order to usage when re-installing.


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