5 Types of Hair Weaving Techniques For Black Women

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5 Types of Hair Weaving Techniques For Black Women

Post by Admin on Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:35 am

Latina people like adding interweave to their hairstyle to create a multipurpose look. And, in the Latina community, we can see 5 most important types of hair weaving strategies.

Bonded weave
Bond the exact weave to your hair. As well . has been around since the 1950s, weave hair ,and this costs about $50 as well as weave and bonding paste.

In bonding, the hair incorporate tracks will be glued to roots of your hair. However you don’t panic since glue is intended to wash away from easily. However , it is hard to do wash away since the amount of time readers stay of the glue can be very unpleasant. And, the hair is also significantly less flexible. Besides, bonded place can only last for 7 days.

Made weave
Sew the incorporate into your hair. A professional hair dresser cornrows your hair into a ring around your head. Create a few cornrows, hair weave ,braiding a group of friends inside the larger circle. Connect this weave into to help cornrows. This weaving expenditures $ 200 and lasts for 90 days.

Disadvantages: You will have a lumpy visual appeal, and the cornrowed hair might get mildewed, if wet.


Tape the weave towards your hair. This method is very the same as bonding, but it uses bonding agents instead of glue. Since the scalp track blends seamlessly within the hair, taping is also labeled as Invisi-Track. It can only are 7 days.

The newest and the majority of popular method of hair weaving cloth in the African American community is the fact fuse the weave to the hair. Add weave for a small section of hair (about 1/4 an inch). Eventhough this is a very painstaking along with lengthy process, it only manufactures minimal damage to your hair. And then, human hair weave ,stylist will take at least quite a few hours to part flowing hair and then fuse 10 to twenty pieces, or “strands, ” of weave to your head of hair. So this method is the most pricey, costing approximately $1, 000 per procedure. But , an excellent the most natural look, devoid of any lumpiness or detectable monitors.

Clip-in weaves
Clip the exact weave onto your hair. Install a weave to a put, and then clip it as compared to own hair. This method is rather easy and very temporary, bundles of hair . And even, this method doesn’t require colle or other chemicals onto your hair.


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