How to Wash the Sew-in Hair Weave While Keeping It

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How to Wash the Sew-in Hair Weave While Keeping It

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:50 am

It is not easy to wash and clean head of hair with a sew-in weave! In this article, you can try the following steps.

1 . Use pre-shampoo oil restorative massage to stimulate the crown, weave hair . Apply a dime-sized level of cinnamon oil or brahmi oil on hair. Massage therapies with circular motions just for 10-15 minutes into the scalp well before washing. Apply coconut necessary oil or olive oil to the scalp shaft, protecting the closes and maintaining the stand out of the extensions.

2 . Have a wide-tooth comb to you ought to through the hair once adding the pre-shampoo oil making sure that it is tangle-free. For fluorescent extensions, you should use your hands instead of com to separate them all.

3. Thoroughly rinse head of hair with lukewarm water, hair weave . Cautiously lift the base of each ext with your hands, and employ the water directly to the hair and cornrow to remove unnecessary dirt.

4. Apply wash to the scalp and lather, and leather the remaining hair in a circular motion. Ensure that do not use your fingernails to be able to scratch the scalp. Properly 2 times to remove the products.

5. Gently comb the head of hair downward with a wide-tooth clean. Apply and massage from a detangling deep conditioner with the scalp all the way through to the closes of the hair. Separate locks evenly, and take a Q-tip covered in conditioner along with apply directly to hair beneath extension to condition your company's real hair. Apply a deeply conditioner according to guidelines.

6. Rinse the deep conditioner. You ought to extensions downward with a wide-tooth comb, human hair weave . Cover a Q-tip with tee tree oil based and apply it directly along side the lining of the extension and also cornrow and scalp to excess dirt from within the extensions

7. Dry and elegance hair.


Since soaked hair is more likely to break, we should have to be very careful about how to be able to comb and style wet locks and extensions.

To minimize destruction to both the extensions and then the hair underneath, bundles of hair ,we can try out styling techniques, and apply headed dryers, roller value packs or natural air-drying strategy.


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